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CCEC Cummins Spare Parts

  • Cummins KTA50-G9 Spare Parts
  • Cummins KTA50-G9 Spare Parts
Cummins KTA50-G9 Spare PartsCummins KTA50-G9 Spare Parts

Cummins KTA50-G9 Spare Parts

  • Cummins KTA50-G9 Spare Parts
  • Product description: Cummins KTA50-G9 Spare Parts

Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd(CCEC), Sino-US joint venture company , was established in October,1995, located lieshimu Shapingba District of Chongqing. The Chinese parent company is Chongqing Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. The foreign parent company is the United States Cummins ( China ) Investment Co., Ltd. , the investment ratio is 50 % of each parts. Now the existing staff of CCEC is more than 1,400 people. The predecessor of CCEC is Chongqing automobile engine factory , began the design and manufacture of diesel engines from the 1950s.

Chongqing Cummins(CCEC), as the beginning of  local production of Cummins diesel engine in China , is the largest heavy-duty Cummins engine and high-horsepower Cummins engine manufacturing plant in China . In 1981 , Cummins and former China National Heavy Duty Truck formally signed a license agreement to begin producing large horsepower Cummins diesel engine in Chongqing. After years of development, they continue to deepen bilateral cooperation . Chongqing Cummins(CCEC) has been the rapid growth of business and an important driving force for Cummins Inc in China.

Genuine Cummins CCEC KTA50-G9 Engine Spare Parts by Chongqing Cummins Engine 
Description Description KTA50-G9
空滤 Air filter AF25278-20
柴油滤清器 Fuel filter 3313306/FS1006
机油滤清器 Oil filter 4095189-29/LF3325
机油旁通滤清器 Oil filter bypass 3889311-29(LF777)
水滤器 Water filter 4058965-29(WF2076)
风扇皮带 Fan belt 3003343
发电机皮带 Charger belt 3039376
油压传感器 Oil   pressure sensor 3015237
水温传感器 Water temperature sensor 3015238
转速传感器 Speed   sensor 213272
电子调速器 Cummins Speed Governor 3062322-20
上修包 Upper  overhaul gasket kit 5492347
下修包 Lower  overhaul gasket kit 5492348
缸盖 Cylinder Head 3646323-10
进气门 Intake valve 3052820-20
排气门 Exhaust valve 3088389-20
进气门座圈 Intake valve  insert 3086193-20
排气门座圈 Exhaust Valve Insert 3086192-20
缸套 Cylinder liner 3022157-20
缸套密封圈 Cylinder Seal 3011076
缸套密封圈 Cylinder Seal 3011884-20
缸套密封圈 Cylinder Seal 3014668
缸套密封圈 Cylinder Seal 3081489
喷油器 Fuel injector 3349861
活塞 Piston 3096685-20
活塞环 Piston ring set 4089500-10
活塞销 Piston  pin 4095009-20
卡环 Retaining Ring 205269-20
连杆总成 Connecting   rod assembly 3632225-20
连杆瓦 Connecting rod bearing 3047390
活塞冷却喷嘴 Piston   cooling nozzle 3179664-20
气缸垫 Cylinder   head gasket 3634664-20
曲轴前油封 Front   crankshaft oil seal 3628895
曲轴后油封 Rear   crankshaft oil seal 3642365
发电机皮带轮 Pulley, Alternator 3179935-20
水泵 Water pump 4372339-20
充电机 Alternator 3016627-20
起动马达 Starter motor 3636817-20
节温器 Thermostat 3629205
执行器 Actuator 3408326
电磁开关 MAGNETIC SWITCH 3050692-20



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