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FUZHOU SUNSHINE MACHINERY CO.,LTD ( PRIME POWER) is specialize in the export of Genuine, OEM and aftermarket replacement engine spare parts such as Cummins, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Kubota, Mitsubishi,Yanmar,Isuzu,Daewoo etc.

We have over fifteen years of experience in handling and selling high quality parts. Excellent contacts with manufacturers, an extensive product knowledge and our commitment to quality and service has made us an attractive and reliable partner for original equipment manufacturers, revision and repair shops, intermediaries and end-users.

Real service means more than a fast delivery of parts. It often means providing solutions to additional technical problems. For instance: we can advise our customers which part would be the most suitable for a specific engine or for a special application; we take care of technical schemes, additional information as to where and how the part should be installed.




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